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Soundcraft Notepad 12-FX Analog USB Mixer


Soundcraft’s Heritage of Quality
Soundcraft have manufactured professional audio consoles for over 40 years. Now their legendary sound comes to your studio. You’ll soon see why Soundcraft have been the choice of audio engineers the world over for so many decades.
The classic analog components are supported by modern digital compatibility. It has never been easier to get your sound through such a high quality preamp and into your DAW. On mac the USB connection is as simple as plug and play, on windows you only need one driver download to get recording.
Intuitive Operation, Poweful Flexibility
The Notepad 8-FX’s channel strip layout features two EQ controls on each mic channel which allow you to tailor the overall output to ensure optimal performance and sound quality. A rotary headphone volume fader makes it easy to adjust your personal listening level, while a master level with LED metering provides precise control over your master output signal.
Designed for home studios, rehearsals, live performances, and podcast production, the Notepad series provides a layout that’s familiar to audio professionals yet easy to understand for novices.
All-in-One Solution
The Notepad 8-FX offers the best of both analog and digital audio. USB connectivity lets the compact mixer double as an audio interface, easily recording to your favourite DAW. High quality analog electronics ensure crystal clear audio whether you’re connected to a computer or not.

Lexicon® Digital Effects
Lexicon® studio-quality effects allow you to effortlessly achieve professional-quality sound without additional plug-ins or outboard equipment. Industry-standard signal processing technology within the DSP engine ensures reliable operation while reverb, chorus and delay effects with tap tempo control allow you to enhance your performance.

Legendary Soundcraft quality from professional microphone preamps
Easily record, edit and playback from your Mac and PC with an integrated USB audio interface—simply plug-and-play (PC requires Soundcraft driver installation)
Adjust your mix with HARMAN digital signal processing including Lexicon reverb, echo and delay
Familiar channel strip layout that includes EQ, aux send, master level and rotary headphone volume control
Durable metal enclosure that’s built-to-last